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Defy Age (Luxury prickly pear seed oil)

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What makes SOME MOROCCAN the best?
  • Certified organic
  • Origin certified
  • Eco-certified 
  • Lab-tested
  • Cold-pressed 
  • Provides self-sustainability to the Women in Morocco
  • 5% of every sale goes back to Children in Morocco


SOME MOROCCAN luxury Cosmetic Prickly Pear Seed Oil is lab-tested and 100% organic.
Hand-sourced from a small fair-trade Women's co-operative in Southern Morocco.
Taking more than thirty-eight hours to process, this oil is one of the rarest and most sought after oils in the world.

Extremely rich in Amino acids, Vitamin K, essential fatty acids and Betelain antioxidants.
Use twice daily to instantly soften skin and restore elasticity, neutralise free radicals that cause signs of aging, brighten undereye circles, reduce puffiness, minimise spider veins, stimulate collagen production and trigger new cell growth while leaving zero residues.


Recommended for all skin types.
Directions: Apply to face with roller ball applicator. Massage excess into the skin with a circular motion.