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2023 Current. My name is Tammy Schroeder and this is my sister Christina Palmer. I have been using the oil on my skin and hair for the last 5 years and have been selling the oil. Levi and I had a mutual friend and introduced me to the oil at the time. I was into acting and modeling and needed something good and affordable for my skin that would work. I also sang with Levi’s sister in WSO. Levi’s heart for the children and education matched up with my heart for children and education. I run also a music business and teach voice and piano lessons and Songwriting at Crescendo Music Lessons. It was a way I could help my students and give back. The more I learned about the woman of Morocco the more passionate I became and wanted to help. These woman work together and come together to sell the oil in there collectives. I care about helping the small businesses trying to make a difference and these women do. So my vision is to see this company grow and help many people and businesses have an incredible product to use that is 100 percent organic and amazing quality all natural. The benefits our endless.
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In 2015, Karim returned home to Morocco, Africa after spending 8 yrs in Canada.
Later that year, Karim tossed around the idea of Levi coming to travel in Morocco, so after Levi saved up money, he quit his 3 jobs and lived in Morocco as he wanted to skip winter.
(Manitoba got the best of him)
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October 2016:
Levi Travels to Morocco for 6 months to travel.
During this time, Karim and Levi realized it was seemingly difficult to find 100% pure cosmetic Moroccan oil's in Canada.
This brought the idea forward to finally break ground in business.
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November 2016:
The purest skin-care/hair-care oils are found!
Hand-sourced from Women's Co-operatives in the southern part of Morocco.
These products provides the Women who work at the co-operative with fair-wages so they can become self-sustainable.
All of our products are lab-tested in France, and then imported to Winnipeg MB to be manufactured/packaged.
Every tassel on every bottle is uniquely handmade by an artisan in Morocco, as the goal in SOME MOROCCAN Cosmetics is to enable and give back.
Having the heart to empower less- fortunate Moroccan Children to attend school, SOME MOROCCAN INC gives back 5% of every bottle sold to Moroccan Children in partnership with the MOROCCO FOUNDATION
the moroccan foundation
SOME MOROCCAN Cosmetics finally launches online and to this date is available in 23+ locations throughout Canada & Ecuador
SOME MOROCCAN Cosmetics has toured across Canada to exhibit and sell their "liquid gold" products.
They've traveled to 5 different provinces throughout Canada and have sold thousands of bottles of their luxury cosmetic products
Clients around the country have been raving about all the benefits they have seen from using their 100% natural beauty products!
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MOTHER'S DAY 2018 - Manitoban company goes to Hollywood!
SOME MOROCCAN INC had the opportunity to be included in a gift box that was directly distributed to A-list celeb Mother's in Hollywood, L.A!
This Manitoban/Moroccan product was placed into the hands of twenty-five A-list Moms in L.A such as,
Jessica Alba, Blake Lively,  Chrissy Teigen, Jordin Sparks, Mindy Kaling and many more!
Since then, SOME MOROCCAN Cosmetics has been mentioned in STAR mag, US weekly, Life & style, US weekly, LAS the place, Navigating Parenthood, and more!
Join us as we continue to give back.
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Karim Tony / Levi Tuckett
Founder's of SOME MOROCCAN Cosmetics