luxury argania spinosa tree with fruit

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Your skin will be forever grateful

What you get:

An opportunity to empower Women in Morocco while also enabling Children to pursue education by raising funds for school supplies.

THE BONUS: Heavenly skin and hair

Complete with a hand-made Moroccan tassel from an artisan who lives in the Capital City of Morocco. 



Works miracles on my eczema! will buy again

Jordan from Montreal, QC

my skin gets so dry and cracked during the winter. 5 STARS.

Sydnee from Winnipeg, MB

I threw out 3 other hair/skin care products and replaced them with just this! Incredible!

Shawn from Winnipeg, MB

it is really great for my frizzy African hair, and I love how 5% goes back to kids education.

Kawtar from Morocco, Africa

I have sensitive skin so this product is a life-saver for my dry face

Katrina from Hamilton, ON

the extensive process of pure argan oil in the making

100ml cold pressed moroccan oil

Want to conquer the art of massage?

Or looking for something for someone special? The luxury 100mL bottle of our liquid gold is the perfect idea!

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