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Your skin will be forever grateful

What you get:

An opportunity to empower Women in Morocco while also enabling Children to pursue education by raising funds for school supplies.

THE BONUS: Heavenly skin and hair

Complete with a hand-made Moroccan tassel from an artisan who lives in the Capital City of Morocco. 



Why use our LUXURY Cosmetic Argan Oil on your skin?  

· Some Moroccan argan oil is more efficient than other types of natural skin and hair moisturizing substances,

such as coconut oil or olive oil, due to the high content of fatty acids

· Some Moroccan argan oil is light-weight and completely non-greasy

· Helps restore the natural pH of the skin and scalp;

· Some Moroccan argan oil regulates the sebum release in skin;

· Excellent for thorough treatment of dry skin and frizzy hair;

· Heals blemishes and pimples caused by acne or chickenpox;

· Contains the ability to neutralize free radicals; argan oil plays a significant role in treating eczema, acne, dandruff, and psoriasis;

· Can regenerate skin by revitalizing cell function and prevents premature aging caused by pollution, smoking, excessive sun exposure, etc.

· Some Moroccan argan oil can also help reduce inflammation and skin rashes;

·  Argan oil can be applied to prevent stretch marks and dry hair;

· Mineral based makeup tends to dry the skin, which can be avoided by massaging the skin with 1-2 drops of argan oil before applying makeup.  

Works miracles on my skin and hair!

Jordan from Montreal, QC

I didn't like the oily residue that coconut oil left on my skin. My skin and hair just soak this up!

Sydnee from Winnipeg, MB

I threw out 3 other products and replaced them with just one! Incredible!

Shawn from Winnipeg, MB

I love how 5% goes back to kids education.

Package is stunning!

Barb from Calgary, MB

the extensive process of pure argan oil in the making

Trying to conquer the art of massage?

Or looking for something for someone special? The luxury 100mL bottle of our liquid gold is the perfect idea!